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The official hat of 3-Gun Nation! Front 3GN Shield Logo with high thread count. 

– 3-Gun Nation Simple text logo on both sides and back

– 3-Gun Nation Simple text logo embroidered inlay

– One Size fits all

– 100% cotton


Ultimate 3 Gun Travel Solution Kit

(Accepting Pro-Orders; Shipping soon) Explorer Cases’ 3 Gun Bag and Hard Case combo make the Ultimate 3 Gun Travel Solution Kit for competitive shooters and enthusiasts.

Explorer Cases Single Pistol Case

Explorer Cases’ Single Pistol Case is perfect to carry almost any pistol or revolver, plus mags or speedloaders. Its 11 13/16” interior will hold most revolvers with 6 ½” barrels.

Explorer Cases 4-Gun Case

Explorer Cases’ 5122 4-Gun Case is a virtually indestructible Range or Instructor’s gun case with sturdy telescoping handle and heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels. It is built to withstand extreme abuse while protecting what’s on the inside, your most prized handguns.


UM Tactical's Competition Holsters are handmade and constructed of 4332 Boltaron.


Developed specifically for the Glock pistols, with their fixed sight dovetail placed at the extreme rear of the slide. Ours is a clean-sheet design, not just a recycled sight from our parts bin. Knowledgeable shooters will note that our rear sight blade matches evenly with the rear of the slide on the Glock pistol.


TACMOD is an ultra high-end rifle chassis system designed as a total drop-in solution for popular bolt-action tactical rifles.

R.A.G.E. TCS 5.56/223

FITS: .223 / 5.56 / .22 / .17 ​1/2 X 28 Threads Per Inch
$159.99 $143.99

Veil Solutions C2 Mag carriers (Comp & Carry)

C2 Mag carriers(Comp & Carry) Are designed to be based around the competitive shooting arena and being ideal for use in competitions or for a minimalist design for duty carry.

Veil Solutions C2 Pistol Mag Carriers (Comp & Carry)

C2 Mag carriers(comp & Carry) Are designed to be based around the competitive shooting arena and being ideal for use in competitions.

Veil Solutions Fett - Level 2 Duty Rig

The Fett holster is designed as a level 2 retention holster for those who need the security of their weapon. These holsters come standard with a spring loaded hood that is activated by a thumb break on the inner side of the holster.


The Chubby Grip™ designed with shooter ergonomics in mind. The full palm swell fills the hand, providing a consistent and rapid grip, properly positioned to promote accurate and repeatable shots on target. The thumb rest and palm shelf work together to lock the hand in place shot after shot, while the raised trigger finger surface, forces the finger into the proper curved position for better trigger control and comfort. Available Right Hand only.

3GN Shield T

FREE SHIPPING FOR 3GN MEMBERS >>> The 3GN Shield logo is printed on the Next Level premium shirt and is fabric laundered for reduced shrinkage. Each shirt features a red "3" sewn on hem tag.

DUEL Chronograph

MUST ENTER 3GN ID AT CHECKOUT FOR DISCOUNT TO QUALIFY The Duel Chronograph captivates onlookers thanks to the quality of its materials and its well-balanced proportions. Materials and shooting inspired details provide a rich and sophisticated look that unites ruggedness and refinement.
$750.00 $600.00


The Paddle™ Oversize Bolt Catch W/Spring, Buffer & Pin The Paddle™ allows easy and rapid bolt manipulation. The large paddle facilitates positive bolt release and locking. Perfect for use in competition where high-speed manipulation counts, as well as hunting, law enforcement and military use when wearing gloves in tactical or cold weather situations.


This hand made high quality black carbon fiber boltaron mag pouch provides secure retention . The AR15 with one adjustable tension screws lets the shooter tune the retention level for optimum mag draw. Tek-Lok quick-release belt clip system keeps the pouch where you put it, with a movable spacer that accommodates belts up to 2-1/2" wide. This unit is ambidextrous. Also offered with no attachments. The unit is designed to accomodate SAFARILAND ELS Mounting System. ​Proudly Made in the USA
The 3-Gun Nation Club Series provides an opportunity for shooters of all skill levels to compete with each other on a national level at their local 3-Gun Nation (3GN) affiliated club. 3GN does this through the use of Classifier stages and a national database.
The 1st Edition collection of American engineered, ammunition inspired, Swiss-Made watches will be the perfect collector's item for 3-Gun Nation.
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