3-Gun Nation Proudly Carries Luth-AR Products

3-Gun Nation Proudly Carries Luth-AR Products

Luth-AR offers a complete line of AR-15 parts, carrying everything you need for your next competition build!

In 1986, Randy Luth founded D.P.M.S./Panther Arms, ushering in a new era of the AR-15. And though DPMS would ultimately be known for its complete rifles, the company was built on components, suppplying parts for much of the semi-auto rifle market that flourished around the AR-15. 

Along the way, DPMS became known as one of the most influential companies in the shooting sports, where their support proved as a foundational building block for the fledgling sport of 3-Gun. Under Randy's guidance, the Tri-Gun was formed, a shooting team was built, and countless other shooters and matches were supported. Luth and DPMS helped spark a wave of interest that helped lead to the very formation of 3GN itself. 

Along the way, Randy would go on to sell DPMS; however, it wasn't long before the itch returned and the industry veteran founded Luth-AR. The company, behind one of the most respected names in the industry, has quickly grown into a pivotal player in AR-15 market, offering a complete line of parts, including fire control, barrels, fore-ends, grips, stocks and more. Basically, Luth-AR carries everything but the lower receiver, making it a go-to source for your next AR-15 build.

And it's brought to you by Uncle Randy, and that's why we're extremely excited to carry the complete line from Luth-AR! 



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