Brazen Sports signs multi-year partnership with 3-Gun Nation

Friday, September 16, 2016

DETROIT (May 31, 2017) — Brazen Sports LLC in Detroit makes history by becoming the first non-traditional sponsor to represent three of the nation’s top shooting sports organizations. 3-Gun Nation (3GN) has joined with USA Shooting and The USPSA to 'Be Brazen' and Live a Brazen Lifestyle by announcing its latest sponsor — Brazen Sports is the new Official Timepiece-keeper of 3-Gun Nation. The company awards timepieces to 3-Gun Nation elite competitors in a multi-year development agreement. 

Brazen Sports is the brainchild of founder Eddie Rimanelli. The creation and development of his ultimate timepieces continually requires more than facing one’s fears. He finds his source of inspiration with shooting enthusiasts, marksmen, military personnel, and veterans. 

The 1st Edition collection of American engineered, ammunition inspired, Swiss-Made watches will be the perfect collector's item for 3-Gun Nation. The” Edition 1” pieces total 1,000 (total units) and mark the culmination of one man’s sacrifices to achieve a dream. “Recipients and purchasers of the 1st Edition timepieces are part of our Founding Family and will retain special privileges indefinitely,” Rimanelli says. These unique Brazen Sports timepieces will be provided to athletes as a reward for 3-Gun Nations competitions throughout the year. Additional terms of the agreement will include a “Brazen Sports Gives-Back” donation of $100 for every 3-Gun Nation member (including Friends & Family), who purchase a timepiece. Brazen Sports now becomes The Official Timepiece-keeper of 3-Gun Nation, and will be represented at all 3-Gun Nation events in the future. 

3-Gun Nation (3GN), multi-platform media company showcases an “X-Games of the Shooting Sports”. Competition continuously evolves the sport to the next level. 

The platform provides 3GN members, viewers, and fans a dynamic user-friendly experience as 2017 marks the beginning of 3GN LIVE! 3GN brings its television program to a live viewing audience with a 1.5-hour presentation with edited "Brazen 3-Gun Highlight's" of the live action and commentary never before showcased in competitive shooting. 

Over the years, “3-Gun Nation TV” has done an excellent job of educating viewers about the sport and bringing forward the excitement of 3-Gun competition. The program focused on the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series — a 10-match series of events where the best-of-the-best compete for cash, prizes, and the title of “3-Gun Nation Champion.” Each match is a dramatic, cutthroat, sudden-death elimination style format similar to popular shows on major network television. 


"To have a company such as Brazen Sports become a partner with 3-Gun Nation is truly a great day for competitive shooting" says 3-Gun Nation President Pete Brown. "Brazen Sports represents the very core of our sport — bold, brazen, and unique. It's these key ingredients that is the chemical make-up of both of our organizations and we couldn't be more excited for what the future brings together." 


"Brazen Sports, has discovered an amazing partnership within the Shooting Sports community that reflects the passion of accelerated action sports and precision timepieces. It is truly a privilege and honor to be working with Pete and his team at 3-Gun Nation as The Official Timepiece-keeper,” says Rimanelli, Founder and President of Brazen Sports

"Fine men, women, and children participate in shooting sports. This is an all American family friendly sport, and the pursuit of marksmanship excellence, comes at a price. At the end of the day, these athletes are self-made. Brazen Made! We believe the 'Be Brazen' philosophy can provide an intangible fuel in managing the athlete’s spirit during competitive times. We can't wait to have our Brazen Sports line help tell the story for these remarkable athletes and their achievements," Rimanelli adds. 

About Brazen Sports 

Brazen Sports' timepieces celebrate the passion of shooting sports enthusiasts. The patented case design draws heavily on the aesthetics of an ammunition chamber by capturing the contours of a cartridge, ejector rim, and spent primer. Designing exceptionally crafted products, promoting social responsibility, and supporting conservation organizations are the hallmarks of the company. 

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Brazen Sports Contact: 

Eddie Rimanelli, Founder and President 

Tel: 800.995.2412 


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